Upgrade your Unsupported Windows 10 PC to Windows 11

Windows 11
Upgrade to Windows 11 Without Loosing Apps & Data
(Last Updated On: October 18, 2021)

Windows 11 has come out of the box for everyone in October. Say bye to the material themes and sharp edges. Everything is now super rounded and have fluid animations. Perhaps due to this reason most of the older systems are not officially supported.

The new windows version feels like a blend of windows 7 and windows 10. There are several rather technical ways you can skip and bypass windows 11 hardware requirements. But if you want to upgrade to windows 11 without loosing your Apps and Data like you normally update your windows 10, here is how.


You need to download a small piece of software available on Github by a user coofcookie.

Windows 11 Upgrade tool that bypasses new Microsoft´s requirements

Download ISO or Add already Downloaded ISO here
Make sure you select the right language for your system

Your selected language should match with your current system language otherwise it will not show upgrade option in the next step.

Choose Upgrade to keep Apps and Data Roll over to Windows 11

This process preserves your license key and you do not have to apply your key again to activate your windows.