VPS Providers

What is a VPS

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It can act as small remote computer that you can use for various tasks. VPS are made by dividing physical resources of one or more actual servers so that they may be use separately. For instance one physical server can be divided into several virtual servers depending upon its system resources. This is done by a software method called virtualization. Multiple containerized operating system can be run over one actual server. System resources are shared among all of the virtual servers depending upon the virtualization method. Some virtualization techniques allows dedicated ram and CPU to each container virtual server. They are cheaper than buying actual servers on the internet whereas those are only recommended if you plan to deploy something that will need more resources.

Uses of VPS

These are some of the more common and general uses of VPS but the list does not stop here.

VPS Provider Recommendations

Vultr Vps Provider

Basic Setup

Basic Setup

Basic Setup